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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Where do you deliver:

 Tatamagouche, Nuttyby, 311 Highway, Brule & River John

    Wednesday - Wallace, Wentworth, Pugwash, Bay Head, Malagash, Port Howe and Oxford.  Tatamagouche, Nuttyby, 311 Highway, Brule & River John.

Thursday: Pictou, Caribou, Scotsburn and West Branch, New Glasgow, Westville, Stelleraton, Trenton and Ambercrombi

 Q: What time can I expect my delivery?

A: Deliveries are made between 2:30pm and 8pm on designated delivery days.

Q: Do I have to be home for my delivery?
A: No, all boxes are left on your door step for zero contact

Q:Can I pick-up?

A:No, we do not have a designated pick-up location or time at the moment.

Q: I live outside your delivery zone, can I meet you along your route?

A: Our delivery route changes weekly depending on our deliveries and can not gaurentee where we will be or at what time, so at this time we are un able to meet people along our routes for pick-ups.

Q: Do you Delivery to Truro ?
A: No, we are a very small company in it's infancy and we do not want to take on more than we can handle. 

Q:When is order cut off?

A:Ordering for the following week closes at midnight on Sunday evenings.

Q:How can I order and how do I pay?

A: All orders are taken through the website. Methods of payments accepted are Major Credit cards and Visa/Debit and PayPal.